Mary's heart scapular/Ex.StArch.MICHAIL

Recite daily the exorcism of Saint Michael Archangel.

Saint Archangel Michael, protect us from negative aggression* and evil, be our shelter. You, heavenly armies voivode banish satan and all evil spirits that walk through the world for souls perdition, and by divine power, collapse them in hell.
            Saint MICHAIL Archangel exorcism
For milliards and millions of times, my Jesus – have mercy! Have mercy, my Jesus, for every moribund to the end of the world.  For milliards and millions of times we sacrifice your precious blood and your tears of blood, to Heavenly Father, for all moribund to the end of the world and we cover them with your precious Blood and Immaculate Hearth of Mary and with Her tears of blood, for loss of the enemy’s power.
-         Hail Mary (for 3 times)
-         Glory Be (for 3 times)
Immaculate hearts of Mary pray for us now and at the hour of death!
Pained and immaculate hearts of Mary become the salvation of us and of the whole world, too! (for 3 times). Amen