Prayers to St. Archangels


- to get help from the Saint Archangels, we have to recite daily:
Our Father+ Hail Mary+Glory Be... to the Archangel that is celebrated in that specific day
1. - St. Archangel Mihael – Monday – “Mihael” means “who is (as) bigger than him”Him= part of God. » He had fought with those that would not listen to God.
2. - St.Archangel Gabriel – Tuesday – He makes announcements. He had announced the birth of Jesus to Holy Virgin.
3. - St. Archangel Rafael – Wednesday – He had joined Tobias in a foreign country. He protects all the peoples that are traveling and he also, protects the marriage.
4. - St.Archangel Zadkiel – Tuesday - He had stopped the sacrifice of Avram and gave him a ram. Avram named that place LORD WILL TAKE CARE.
5. - St.Archangel Peliel – Friday – He had fought with Jacob and baptized Israel.
6. - St.Archangel Maltkiel – Saturday – He got away the people of Israel from Egipt, he led them trough the Red Sea and divided the waters. 
7. - St.Archangel Uriel – Sunday – He had lifted up the stone from Jesus grave and announced the resurrection of Lord to the women.