First prayer of UNCLE MICHAEL


Our father... ,Hail Mary... , Glory be...

Lord, our God, our Master, who made us all and all of the things to which we belong and all, Holy Trinity: Father, Son and Holy Spirit, infinite and kind God, praised, loved and honored by everybody and everything, anytime and anywhere.

For the prayers of All Holy Virgin Mary, of Saint Joseph, of Saint Apostle Thadeus (Jesus's cousin) and of the other saints, apostles, martyrs, prophets, pious and privileged and of all saint angels, with humility we pray You:

Give us peace of the soul, faith, hope and love, ensure the salvation of our souls, give us full health, peace and tranquility, will and strength, peace and tranquility to our country and to the entire world, and all those gifts, which we are missing, for us and for others for whom we pray.

And for the merits of Saints Archangels Michael, Gabriel, Rafael, Zadkiel, Peliel, Maltkiel and Uriel and of all saint angels, with humility we pray You:

Defend us from temptations which are not good, and let those temptations and spirits which are not good and live within us until now to be taken out, not to enter again; defend us from enemies and dangers, from pain, suffering, troubles, sins, insanities and mistakes, disrespectful deeds and thing without use, and those sins, insanities and mistakes, disrespectful deeds and useless things made until now with the deed, with the word, with the looks, with the promise, with the weakness, thought, desire, willingly or unwillingly, knowingly or unknowingly, to be forgiven and forgotten, not to be able to talk, nor write, nor read, not with the thought to remember anyone, ever, in any place and with the help of Your gift, make us worthy of an easy and pleasant transformation and from now on let us make your Saint Will, our earthy and heavenly good the same, loving You, honoring You and praising You for eternity. Amen.

Our Father... Hail Mary... , Glory be...